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173  persons with disability have been  placed  in different segments of industries and services as on 31st of July  2010 and now it even more that that. 

Some of the sectors in which our candidates have been  placed are:

Retail sector

  • Reliance industries 

IT /BPO/Telecom Sectror

  • Axa
  • IBM 
  • Thomson reuters 
  • Mphasis
  • Vindhya Infomedia 
  • Infosys BPO
  • Global tele radiology solutions 
  • Team lease 
  • Tim consultancy 
  • Wipro 
  • Aditya Birla

Hospitality  sector 

  • ITC Windsor 
  • ITC Royal gardenia 
  • Fortune celestial 
  • Taj west end

Garment Sector

  • Gokuldas


  • Family Fellowship Society

Success stories to share .....................,

Name               : Joseph Abraham
Age                  : 23years
Location           : Bangalore
Project             : LRC
Description of Case study
Joseph Abraham was born in Bangalore. , residing at Benson town, has one elder sister who is married and his father and mother are employed in a private firm.
He did his schooling in St .Xavier’s School, Bangalore and further his graduation in Arts at the St Joseph’s college, Bangalore and further a course in computer training. Despite being affected by polio in the right leg, nothing stopped him from reaching where he wanted to be, At first he worked as an online HR tutor for a private company, for few months during which he faced a lot of hardships wherein he felt humiliated and had to face lot of hardships at his work place, he felt that he deserved to work because of his skills and not because of people showing pity on him, that is when he approached CLRC to place him and give him a good opportunity .
Type of disability :
Orthopaedically handicapped due to polio in the right leg.
How has this impacted on opportunity to gain a livelihood?
Joseph was very happy in his first job as an online tutor, but things changed when they were put on shifts wherein, his disability being Orthopaedically handicapped had to face lot of physical hardships, was unable to take up changing shifts because accessing to local transport in the night was a night mare for a person who wears two calipers and walks with the support of two crutches , hence made a request to his higher up to review the shifts, during which he was told directly to put in his papers, at this point he was stressed and did not know what to do.
How has LRC supported?
When Joseph came to LRC, he was emotionally down, and was desperate for any kind of job opportunity, it is that time when LRC talked to him, counseled him and made him aware of his skills and experience he had gained as a HR tutor. Inputs on stress management at workplace, problem solving and decision making were given individually through foundation course.
What is the outcome? How is life better for them /their families?
After receiving the inputs life skills, he re-gained the confidence and spirit which he carried throughout his life made him to get break through in the placement within 3 weeks of his registering at LRC. He was placed in AXA Business services with a higher pay than his previous employer and is very satisfied with his job, he is very happy that he is part of his family in contributing to his family’s income and was also able to contribute his best for his sister’s marriage.
Any other information:
Joseph is a cool and confident person and well mannered, in a short span of a week of working in AXA, he earned a good name for himself that the team at AXA wanted LRC to refer similar candidates. He is now our volunteer, supporting   us whenever we call him, especially to organize the events and to give inspirational talks for students looking for placement
Joseph says “youths with disability like me have skills and energy to do best in our career and in our life as well, the only thing we require is the encouragement, empathy   and proper guidance at the right time which I received at LRC”
Name               : Viyamala N
Age                  : 26years
Location           : Bangalore
Project             : LRC
Description of Case study (including background information and key facts):
Vijayamala was born in Koppal, a small town in Karnataka, she has a father who is a retired KEB employee and mother a house wife, one of her elder brother is a doctor and the other a software engineer.
She did her graduation in Commerce from Gulbarga university and further her MBA in HR from Belgum. She was very persistent in taking up HR even though her father felt that she would not be able to get the employment opportunity in that field due to her disability. She however succeeded in completing her MBA in HR with a first class.
Type of disability (and how this was acquired, if appropriate):
Cerebral palsy-right hand and lower limb is unstable due to CP since birth.
How has this impacted on opportunity to gain a livelihood?
Vijayamala was a certified first class holder in MBA- HR, in spite of her skills she was rejected by top companies who would reject her on seeing the disability. a one such instance where she was told to join a company, but would be paid less to her other counter parts because they presumed she would be slow and hence she had to make a choice where she was forced to accept that her disability was in her way of gaining equal opportunity in terms of pay and in some places where she was rejected on grounds that it would be inferior to appoint her in the HR field.
How has LRC supported?
When she came to LRC she was depressed and de motivated. So a detailed case study of her was done and was found that she was very skilled in her field of study but has lack of confidence and getting through aptitude test .Then looking at her skill gap, she was trained in answering aptitude tests, further in management approaches and specially on techniques of facing interviews through tailor made foundation course specially for her. She was referred to employment opportunities at various MNCs
What is the outcome? How is life better for them /their families?
She was referred to 2 companies; within a span of 1 month she was immediately placed at Thomson Reuters, where she impressed the HR team with her skills and interview techniques. Today she is happy that she is earning in par with her other two brothers and also was able to succeed and prove to her own self that she is no less compared to the others.
Any other information:
She always felt that there were people in her life who would constantly criticize and poke fun seeing her disability, today she says “they laughed at me because I was different from them, today I laugh because they are all the same.”




Ramu receiving his job offer letter from Mr. Rohit Malik, ITC Royal Gardenia during job fair


Ramu has been registered with the Livelihood Resource Center ( LRC) and had been selected to undergo the hospitality training program conducted in ITC Royal Gardenia. He is orthopedically disabled and uses a single crutch to walk.


Ramu lost his father when he was very young and he is one among twin brothers. He is the only disabled member is his family and he lives with his elder brother, his wife, his twin and his old mother. His father used to be a stove welder but his alcoholic habits deteriorated his health and he died early. He also lost his two sisters to illness in the last few years.


Ramu has been associated wit the Spastic Society of Karnataka (SSK) since he was a child a doctor in Bowring Hospital asked his mother to take him there. He has lived and studied in SSK for over 20 years and has learnt many trades and skills there. He did not get formal education but her has been trained in arts such as horticulture, clay modeling, candle making, blouse stitching etc. After he left SSK, Ramu started looking for a job and landed with a contract in the laundry department of Leela Kempinsky Palace Hotel in Bangalore.


Ramu went through the hospitality training after he registered with LRC. He worked in the laundry department for his on-job training and was directly absorbed by the hotel after the training was completed. He is very happy with this job and hopes to prosper in future. He says that he wants to build his own house and take care of his mother. He also hopes to contribute a part of his salary to some orphanage so that some more disabled or homeless children are taken care of.


Ramu's message to any person living with disability is to be confident and to never give up hope. He believes that being positive and not being discouraged will help a person to achieve his goals.



Jagdish (right) during a workshop at LRC


Jagadish is 25 years of age and has been introduced to Livelihood Resource Center (LRC) through the Vocational Rehabilitation Center (VRC) office of the Government of Karnataka. Jagadish has vision impairment since birth.


Jagadish belongs to a family of four members. His father is a retired RTO officer and his mother is a house wife. His younger brother is currently pursuing his engineering in computer sciences. They belong to a middle class family and live in their own home in Bonemill, Hessarraghatta Road.


Jagadish joined the Ramana Mahashay Academy for the Blind and studied there till he was 17 years old. In the academy he was given many skills and training such as education in Braille, mobility skills etc. After completing his course there, he shifted to a PU college in Yeswantpur. There was a stark difference between this experience and his experience before. The academy had all visually impaired persons and the facilities were suited to them. But this new college was different and initially it was very difficult for Jagadish to get adjusted. More than his own fears, his parents were more worried and would not allow him to travel by himself.


At this time, Jagadish also started noticing a lot of social injustices around him and he was deeply disturbed by saying crimes and injustice everywhere. Finally he was advised to take a break and he rebuilt his own perspective and rejoined college within a few months. He was also bale to convince his parents to allow him to travel alone and this increased his confidence a lot. His college days soon turned into the most memorable days of his life.


But he continued to face some adjustment issues at large. Traveling by bus was still difficult since no one wanted to help him on the roads. He would initially fell very bad about such incidents but soon got used to them. But within college he made some great friends and would have very stimulating discussions and debated on various issues. He even received a lot of personal attention and support from his professors.


After completing his graduation, Jagadish wanted to appear for the UPSC exams. But the accessible materials available were less and he faced some judicial problems for the state UPSC. Hence he decided to concentrate on his further studies. He was greatly interested in traveling and so he pursued his MBA in tourism and travel management. His post graduate experience was also very good since they were a small class and he was exposed to many new cultures and diversity through his classmates. He completed his internship as a part of the course in Darshan Travels.


His future plans are to get some work experience and to develop some contacts. He wants to study for his UPSC exams but also dreams of open a tourism office of his own.


He wanted to learn the specific skills required for hospitality and tourism and get some experience in the sector. He attended the hospitality training conducted by LRC. After completion of the one month training, he is placed with the Fortune JP Celestial Hotel, for a two month internship, in which he is being trained on the marketing and travel desk in the star category hotels. He is happy with this opportunity and looking forward for making a good career in this field.


His message to any one who is disabled is to be strong and confident always. He believes that if we are confident then we can achieve great heights.




Shwetha was born in Bangalore. She is profound hearing impaired by birth. Her father is doing his own small business .She has one younger brother.


She completed her SSLC from a special school for the deaf in Bangalore She has done her schooling in Kannada (Local Language) medium. As per Govt rules deaf children learn only one language throughout their schooling. Due to this, she learnt only Kannada and she didn’t even know Alphabets of English.


After her schooling when she went for college, she was denied admission as she was deaf. So she planned to take up her vocational training in Computers. For taking computer training she was asked to learn Basic English. Her parents were bit worried how will she learn English but Shweta underwent   foundation  course in which  she learnt basic English . After learning bit of Basic English, she joined computer training and completed the training .Even after completing training, she didn’t get placed as her skills were not competitive to get placement. She approached LRC to up grade her computer basic skills and support for the placement.


Looking at her needs LRC gave her admission into the computer training to upgrade her skills and get the competency for employment. Apart from this she was also given life skills training to prepare her for an active work life.


Currently Shwetha has been placed at Vindhya Informedia in Rajajinagar. This place is close to her home and she is working there as a data entry operator. She enjoys her work and says that she hopes to get experience and get more skills to do better in life.